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Top 3 Fiber Optic Cable Manufacturers In Nigeria

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Fiber to the home greatly satisfied rural customers, enabling them to watch video on demand, 4K TV, and make smart home connectivity. Thus, rural areas are increasingly merged with the national economics circle. Anyway, its economic benefits for residents, businesses, and Nigeria are potentially enormous.

George Onafowokan, Managing Director of Coleman Wires and Cables, said

It will make Nigeria be the fifth in the production of cables in Africa. The key impact of this is that we will meet up with the local supply and demand of fibre optic cables and for us, this is a game-changer for the country.



MainOne, an Equinix Company, is a leading West African data center and connectivity solutions provider in Nigeria, Ghana, and Côte d’Ivoire. Equinix, Inc. extends the benefits of digital infrastructure into the strategic African market following the acquisition of MainOne and its MDXi subsidiary.

MainOne continues to invest significantly in bringing the benefits of digital transformation across West Africa. With its subsea cable, growing metropolitan infrastructure, and data center ecosystem, MainOne is uniquely positioned to accelerate the development of digital infrastructure in the region. Its world-class submarine cable system running down the coast of West Africa, state-of-the-art IP NGN network, growing regional and metro terrestrial fiber optic networks, and data center facilities enable services for businesses needing digital access in West Africa.

MainOne has become the leading provider of Wholesale and Enterprise connectivity and data center services across West Africa. The company partners with major global technology companies and regional telecom providers to serve its customers. The company continues to grow its footprint with new data centers, major network interconnection facilities, extensive terrestrial fiber build-out, regional Points of presence, and delivery of services into 10 countries in West Africa.

Coleman Wires and Cables

Coleman Wires and Cables

COLEMAN Technical industries, limited in line with its context and strategic direction, is committed to manufacturing quality electrical & telecommunications wires and cables that meet and exceed customers’ expectations consistent with relevant stakeholders and ISO 9001:2015 requirements.

The company ensures continual improvement of processes and service delivery through staff development, motivation, and a conducive work environment towards achieving utmost customer satisfaction.

Corporate Quality Objectives

  • To ensure customer satisfaction level of at least 80% through understanding customer requirements and agreed delivery timeline.
  • Monitoring and measuring quality-related processes to achieve 100% conformance with statutory and regulatory requirements.
  • Ensuring adequate provision and maintenance of state-of-the-art equipment to achieve high-quality products at the optimum output of 100%.
  • To employ skilled, dependable, and motivated personnel and ensure at least 70% are trained and developed to perform in line with the company’s strategic direction.
  • Maintain 100% compliance with the internal policies and mechanism to monitor work processes for quality improvement.
  • Ensure effective monitoring of the annual budget performance to achieve 90% minimum compliance.

Phase3 Telecom

Phase3 Telecom

Phase3 Telecom is a leading independent fiber optic infrastructure with Points-of-Presence (POPs), colocation, and NOCs in Nigeria. Issued a National Long Distance Operator (NLDO) license in 2003 by the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), and with a vibrant as well as a dedicated team of experienced professionals, it is the network of choice for high-performance, data-intensive, and low latency connectivity that span dedicated internet access, MPLS VPN, metro ethernet, wide area network solutions, etc. Currently, it operates across the ECOWAS region and international markets through strategic partnerships that allow it to connect clients across 400 cities worldwide. And its extensive and secure network with end-to-end capabilities that service providers and businesses can rely on to scale, manage costs and assure efficiency. As it continues to evolve into other layered service streams, including cloud-based and network security solutions – its invaluable clients will continue to remain the core of every investment that it makes; innovation that it creates; and technology that it adopts during the 4th industrial revolution to position it as the network of the future.


Either to the home, estate, building, or “X location,” Phase3 Telecom, through their Passive Optical Network (PON), can deliver video, voice, and data over optical fiber to you.

Key Benefits & Features:

  • Space utilization
  • Low power consumption
  • Shorter installation time
  • Highly scalable with upgrades done in no time
  • Cost-effectiveness due to reduced CapEx and OpEx
  • Low maintenance due to the use of passive network components
  • High availability due to fewer points of failure
  • High reliability due to reduced trunk rolls


Nigeria’s fibre connectivity journey: so far yet still a long way to go

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