28 Suppliers For Your PLC Splitter Wholesale Purchase With Long Time Warranty

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A PLC splitter is a micro-optical component based on planar lightwave circuit technology. PLC splitter is available in various splitting ratios, such as 1:4, 1:8, 1:16, 1:32, 1:64, etc. Besides, there’re subcategories of PLC splitters, including Bare PLC splitter, Blockless PLC splitter, ABS splitter, LGX box splitter, Fanout PLC splitter, Mini plug-in type PLC splitter, etc. PLC splitters are ideal for GPON ODNs because they need large, concentrated splits.

PLC splitter is preferable due to its optimal performance and futureproofing. Choosing a reliable supplier to bulk purchase PLC splitters is vital for the success of cabling projects. Below we’ll list some PLC Splitter Suppliers in China for your reference. The list is in no particular order.

EasyOSP Technology Co., Ltd

  • Official website:
  • Established in 2002, EasyOSP is one of China’s leading fiber optic equipment suppliers. Initially, it was only one of Huawei’s foundries. James decided to develop its technical team five years later, specializing in manufacturing fiber optic products, like fiber jumpers, fiber adapters, fiber patch panels, fiber optic splice closure, etc. Due to its high-quality products, comprehensive one-stop service, and professional team, it has gradually become one of the leading manufacturers. Adhering to the business principle of mutual benefits, they have a good reputation among customers because of their perfect services, quality products, and competitive prices. ISO 9001, CE, ROSH, FCC, and TLC certifications passed.

Zhengzhou Weunion Communication Technology Co., Ltd

  • Official website:
  • WeUnion Communication Technology Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer developing, producing, and selling fiber telecommunication products. They provide fiber optic cables, patch cords, pigtails, PLC splitters, fiber distribution boxes, and relevant products widely used in FTTX, LAN, WAN, G-Pon, and E-Pon Projects. The company has advanced production and test equipment with a strict quality control system. All products are IEC60794 and Telcordia-GR-326-Core standard compliant.

Qingdao Sunet Technologies Co., Ltd

Qingdao Sunet Technologies Co., Ltd
  • Official website:
  • Qingdao Sunet Technologies Co., Ltd was founded in 2016, producing fiber optic equipment. Located in Qingdao Free Trade Zone, SUNET is a professional manufacturer engaged in R&D, production, sales, and service of related products in fiber optics and FTTH, covering nearly 300 sqm reserved for R&D and 200sqm for the production department.

Zhejiang Hongsheng Communication Technology Co., Ltd

  • Official website:
  • Zhejiang Hongsheng Communication Technology Co., Ltd is an expert in ODN products providing R&D, production, and sales services. Since its establishment in 1989, ZJHS has been dedicated to creating customized FTTH solutions that meet clients’ needs, focusing on innovation to promote the development of communication technology. They succeed through excelsior technology, sustained innovation, cost-effectiveness, and a high reputation from customers. With over 200 employees and more than 38000 square meters of factory space, they have first-class automated production lines to meet the customers’ requirements of large quantities of orders, high-quality products, and compressed timelines.
  • Today, their products fetch more than 200 million yuan in annual sales with 26 national patents. Their main products are ODFs, fiber optic splice closures, fiber optic distribution boxes, PLC optical splitters, pigtails, patch cords, and optical accessories. The company was awarded the ISO9001, ISO14001, and OHSAS18001 certifications.

Chongqing Jianxi Electronic Technology Co., Ltd

Chongqing Jianxi Electronic Technology Co., Ltd
  • Official website:
  • Chongqing Jianxi Electronic Technology Co., Ltd, established in 2014, is located in Chongqing. Their main products include fiber optic pigtails, fiber optic jumpers, fiber optic adapters, and PLC splitters. The factory has a complete and scientific quality management system.

Wuhan Wolon Communication Technology Co., Ltd

  • Wuhan Wolon is one of the professional suppliers in the communication industry. Its registered capital is 22 million yuan. They specialize in PLC splitters, MPO connectors, patch cords, etc. All products are RoHS Certification and ISO14000 environment certification compliant.
  • Wolon adheres to the slogan: “product quality first, customer-focused purpose, developing on innovative technology, and manufacturing world’s leading brand communication products.”

Hunan Twilight Optic Technology Co., Limited

  • Official website:
  • Twilight Optic, established in 2012, is a professional manufacturer engaged in producing, selling, and serving advanced fiber optic products. It mainly produces fiber optic jumpers. As the OEM factory for Huawei, they have eight jumper production lines, about 100 well-trained staff, and engineers with a monthly output of about 800000 pcs connectors.

Shanghai Linkwell Telecom Tech. Co., Ltd

Shanghai Linkwell Telecom Tech. Co., Ltd
  • Official website:
  • Linkwell is a Fiber Optic company focusing on being a “Reliable Partner” in providing suitable solutions and quality products. They’ve rich experience; thus, they can offer appropriate solutions and first-class quality products. They adhere to a customer-driven approach and universal values.

Wuhan B&R International Co., Ltd

  • Official website:
  • Wuhan B&R International Co., Ltd., with the brand of “WHB&R,” is a leading manufacturer focusing on R&D, manufacture and sales of optical fiber communication products. The company’s products include fiber distribution boxes, optical terminal boxes, splice closures, PLC splitters, patch cords, etc.
  • The company adheres to the “quality first, service first” philosophy, aiming to provide customers with stable product quality, reasonable prices, and the best service.

Yangzhou Raiwav Opto-Electronic Technology Co., Ltd

  • Official website:
  • Yangzhou Raiwav, established in July 2010 with a total registered capital of 61.88 million yuan, has 360 employees and is a leading fiber optic products supplier. They have undertaken Jiangsu provincial government’s key research and development plans.

Ningbo Kehao Hanxing Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd

  • Official website:
  • Ningbo Kehao Hanxing Optoelectronics Science & Technology Co., Ltd was founded in 2002. Since then, it has been focused on the field of optical and electrical communications for 20 years. Now the team has 200 members. Its main products include PLC splitters, adapters, patch cords, ftth terminal boxes, etc.
  • The founder firmly believes that only benefiting cooperative customers can bring long-term company development.

Ningbo Bwinners Optical Tech Co., Ltd

  • Official website:
  • Bwinners was established in 2002 with a registered capital of 50 million RMB. It has a factory area of more than 28,000 square meters. The company’s products have passed the ISO9001, GB/T24001-ISO14001, and GB/T28001-2001. Bwinners has also established an environmental and occupational health/safety management system. Bwinners provides more than 800,000 various sheets of metal cabinets and over 100 million sets of fiber optic splice closures to domestic operators annually. Bwinners has a complete set of advanced test equipment and specialized testing laboratories. Bwinners has good after-sales service and always unremittingly pursues the “quality to win the trust and the honesty to pursue development” business philosophy to meet customer needs at best.

Dongguan HX Fiber Technology Co., Ltd

  • Official website:
  • Dongguan HX Fiber Technology has been a professional fiber optic equipment manufacturer for more than 12 years. Main products include armored optical cables, ftth drop cables, connectors, patch cords, fiber termination boxes, etc.
  • It has obtained ISO 9001:2015, UL, and RoHS certifications. It owns five lines for cable production and 87 armoring machines for armored cables.

Shanghai Huijue Network Communication Equipment Co., Ltd

  • Official website:
  • Shanghai Huijue, established in 2001, covers an area of more than 10000 square meters. It is a leading supplier, manufacturer, and solution provider for telecom and communication products. They mainly offer outdoor cabinets and solutions, data center cabinets and solutions, FTTX products, and optical fiber components.
  • They have a strict quality control system to produce high-quality products compliant with ISO 9001, ISO14001, ISO18001, SGS, TUV, CE, and RoHS.

Hubei Guanghong Tech Co., Ltd

  • Official website:
  • Hubei GuangHong, located in Shiyan, Wuhan, is one of the earliest manufacturers supplying full series of fiber optic products. They offer PLC splitters, FBT splitters, patch cords, ODF&ODB, assemblies, etc.
  • The factory has built ten production lines since 2017. It has more than 600 working staff, covering a total production area of 15,000 sqm. In the future, GuangHong will continue to create a human-oriented working environment and promote technological innovation in this field.

Shenzhen Alte Communication Technology Co., Ltd

  • Official website:
  • ALTE Fiber Optic Technology has been in this area for more than ten years and is a leading company in developing and manufacturing advanced fiber optic products. All products are RoHS compliant, and ALTE also obtained ISO9001 and ISO14001 certifications. They believe the product quality is essential to the company’s success. Their main products include fiber optic cables, patch cords, FTTH terminal boxes, pigtails, etc.
  • Official website:
  • Shenzhen 3D-Link Technology, founded in 2003, is a high-tech fiber optical communication enterprise committed to developing, producing, and selling fiber optic passive components, active optical components, and fiber optical accessories. With more than ten years of experience, Shenzhen 3D-Link has successively obtained ISO 9001:2000, UL, and CQC certifications. Their products include fiber optic patch cords, adaptors, connectors, PLC splitters, etc. All products meet IEC and Telcordia GR-326-CORE standards.

Hubei Lucentfiber Optoelectronics Co., Ltd

  • Official website:
  • Hubei Lucentfiber Optoelectronics Co., Ltd has been a professional manufacturer of fiber optical components for over ten years, specializing in producing, developing, and marketing PON, AON, and modules.It has about 400 staff and covers an area of 8000 square meters. It has three production bases, one in Shenzhen and two in Hubei.Their main products include PLC Splitters, FBT Couplers, FWDM, CWDM, DWDM, OADM, AWG, Optical Switches, etc.

Hangzhou Yotelcom Technology Co., Ltd

  • Official website:
  • Hangzhou Yotelcom, established in 2014, is a high-tech enterprise specializing in research, development, production, and sales of GEPON products, Fiber optic cables, and FTTH products. It has more than 200 employees and a standard dust-free electrostatic workshop covering more than 1,000 square meters. All products are CE, ROSH, and ISO9001 compliant.

Abalone Technology Group (Wuhan) Co., Ltd

  • Official website:
  • Abalone is a manufacturer of network infrastructure equipment with more than 25 years of experience. They supply fiber optic cables, patch cords, PLC splitters, pigtails, adapters, connectors, patch panels, and other components and accessories. They offer OEM/ODM services. All products are made according to European and US standards. They adhere to the management principles of “quality first, customer first, and credit-based.”

Shenzhen DYS Fiber Optic Technology Co., Ltd

  • Official website:
  • Shenzhen DYS, founded in 2009, is a fiber optic communication enterprise dedicated to developing and producing PON and FTTH products. The company has about 200 well-trained staff and 23 duct-free production lines, covering an area of over 5000 sqm. In 2018, they established the reliability testing laboratory to regularly conduct high low temperature circulating tests, cable tensile tests, automatic insertion force tests, etc., to ensure the products’ performance. They obtained IS09001, ISO45001, ISO14001, CPR, and UL certificates.

Shenzhen Xunjie Telecom Technology Co., Ltd

  • Official website:
  • Xunjie, established in 2010, is a high-tech fiber optical communication enterprise committed to developing, producing, and selling fiber optic passive components, active optical components, and fiber optical accessories. Their main products include fiber optical patch cords, adapters, connectors, fiber optical cables, optical transceivers, PLC splitters, etc.The company successively obtained ISO 9001:2000, UL, and CQC certifications. All products meet IEC and Telcordia GR-326-CORE standards.

Shenzhen Transcom Technology Limited

  • Official website:
  • Shenzhen Transcom, founded in 2008, is a high-tech company specializing in the R&D, production, and sales of Active Optoelectronic Sub-Assembly and Sub-System for Optical Communication. Their main products are the full range of 1*9 SFP Transceivers, fiber optic media converters, and fiber optic video converters. They have a standardized 2500-square meter workshop, a complete set of burn-in equipment, a perfect production process, a strict testing process, and plenty of inventory. Transcom brand is famous in the optical fiber industry.

Shenzhen Fiberey Technology Co., Ltd

  • Official website:
  • Fiberey focuses on fiber optic communication products’ researching, developing, producing, and operating. They provide quality products like patch cords, pigtails, PLC splitters, fiber distribution boxes, etc. Fiberey ‘s value is “Profession, Innovation, Efficiency, Integrity, Win-Win.” Their certifications include UL, ISO9001, CE, FCC, ROHS, and IEC.
  • Official website:
  • Shenzhen Link-all, founded in 2012, is dedicated to researching, developing, manufacturing, and selling passive optical components and modules, all kinds of transceivers, PLC Splitters, and broadband access products. Its predecessor company, UN-SKY Technology Ltd, was established in 2006. Since then, it’s been one of the significant product and solution suppliers for major Telecom Operators in Hong Kong, Macao, and Singapore. Up to today, their products have been shipped to dozens of countries. They also offer OEM and ODM services.

Zhejiang Yingfeng Optical Communication Technology Co., Ltd

  • Official website:
  • Yingfeng Optical Communication was established in 1982. Today it has 600 staff and covers an area of 35,000 sqm. In 2009, its Shenzhen branch was set up with 150 staff, occupying 3000 sqm. They mainly produce PON components, like PLC splitters, MPO/MTP connectors, patch cords, etc. They believe in “Honesty, Innovation, Service, and Win-win.”

Shenzhen Rollball Comm-Tech Co., Ltd

  • Official website:
  • Shenzhen Rollball, established in 2000, specializes in providing high-performance fiber optic communication products and accessories.
  • Rollball can offer a vast range of optical modules varying from 155Mbps to 1000Gbps. Rollball also supplies all kinds of FBT Splitter and PLC Splitter, including mini steel tube, ABS box, cassette, LGX, 19″ rack mount box of 1xN and 2xN.
  • They strictly monitor their ISO 9001:2000-certified production processes.

SZ OPT Communication Co., Ltd

  • Official website:
  • SZOPT is a leading comprehensive enterprise specializing in R&D, production, marketing, and service of optical communication components. Since 2006, their main products cover the critical products of optical communications, such as optical cables, PLC splitters, FBT splitters, CWDM, DWDM, etc.
  • They strictly adhere to the quality policy. They implemented the ISO90001:2008 quality management system for production and quality control, following the relevant requirements of RoHS, Telcordia-GR326-CORE, IEC, and other industry standards.

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